The Fayette Regional Humane Society

2020 Gratitude Report

How you changed the world for animals


In 2020, 1660 cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs found homes because you cared. The animals came from all over southern Ohio. Every animal received veterinary care, socialization, and love. The animals went to homes in over 12 different states. These animals got their second chance because of you.

Humane Law Enforcement

The Humane Agents enforce the laws of Ohio and are available around the clock to respond to animals in need in Ross and Fayette Counties. They always try to help and educate first but will remove animals or file charges if necessary. It’s your support that keeps our Humane Agents fighting against animal cruelty.

Trap, Neuter, Return

387 cats were sterilized, vaccinated for rabies, and returned to their home areas in 2020. This program allows community cats, who are usually not suitable for adoption, to live their lives without adding to the problem of stray cat overpopulation.

Puppy and Kitten Parent Program

In 2020, 42 pet owners entered their pet’s babies into our adoption program, and we helped them spay and/or neuter the parents.  This wonderful program finds homes for unwanted litters while preventing another litter in the future. Your compassion is what allows us to be there for kittens and puppies in need.

Basic Health Care for Qualifying Pet Owners

We were able to help nearly 50 qualifying pet owners with basic and emergency health care for their pets. Because many people lack access to veterinary care, we feel it is important to ensure that animals’ basic needs are met, and they do not suffer due to untreated illnesses or injuries.


Though 2020 was a very difficult year, our financial position was stable thanks to you. The chart below shows how we use your faithful support.


2020 pie chart final financials
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